With the nation moving towards the ‘Make in India’ ( concept at a very fast rate, Tweencraft ( is sure to hit a home run with the natives and curious internet surfers trying to outrun the boredom during this pandemic. This 2D animation app with an impressive 500k+ downloads really is a clever application considering the struggles of making an animated video using software like adobe.

It uses basic animation and voice modulations, enabling users to create a short dialogue-driven comic animation. It is a piece of cake once you grasp the basic editing features. Not to forget that it gives a platform to post the videos made from scratch or can be exported to any social media.

Animated videos and memes made using this application is flooding social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. It’s eye-catching feature being as simple as putting together frames and voice modulations to create a functional animated video.

This app was put together, with four years of hard work by the Bengaluru-based duo of Kalpkriti Inc. Soni Saho and Dinesh Sen. They’ve dedicated their full time in building this app and even going to the extent of quitting their jobs at Intel, four and half a year prior Based on an article written in the Hindus ( the duo claims to have followed a ‘ Buddhist monks’ lifestyle ‘, considering that they were working without any funding. Their ‘blood, sweat and tears’ has indeed come out with flying colours, when the team rejoiced on the 6000+ downloads per day in the month of may 2020.

Sample of animated work by tweencraft. PC: tweencraft


Tweencraft also has had many clients contact them to create ads for their business. They have a wing for creating videos and running ads on social media platform.

Screen shot taken from the app in playstore. Picture credits: tweencraft

The application is sure to hit a winning strike in the market with the number of downloads increasing at

an astounding rate every day. The team is working hard in upgrading the app and there are more characters being added and custom backgrounds made according to the client’s needs.

The development team constantly is improvising it and it adding new features to make it user friendly.

This application is available in the playstore and soon will make it’s way into the IOS, with many users requesting for the same.

Who are using it?

How are companies benefitting during COVID times?

How are users using it for fun?

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