Absolutely! We believe in saving time… We want you to just get going. We have mentioned in as much detail as possible on this platform in text, image and video format for your ease and understanding. With just two three rounds of placing an order, you will get to know about our processes and systems. If you are new, you are free to talk to our sales team and get clarity on the navigation.

If you find anything that needs a further discussion, then let us know. We don’t mind troubling our UI/UX team to further enhance the website. We believe a website is not a simple tool to represent our work, it is a tool to make things faster and easier. Don’t you think?

Oh, that’s a nightmare for the team… Please try just a minimum order with us and if you are ok with it, then go ahead to place a bulk order. If you let us know after the work has been completed, it will be hard to digest… Really!

If the work has not begun, then we don’t mind refunding the amount. If partial work is done, then we return the partial amount. And if the work has reached a no-return stage, then we cannot help with that. It is advisable to be very clear before going ahead. We are fair, that way! 

Once you place an order, we will contact you to take down the inputs. We then distribute the work within the team and assign you an operations representative to give you an update. We share the work with you at each stage so that you can let us know if you are happy with what you see. We don’t want to redo the work or go back to a previous stage. It is not good for the client or the team. That’s why we charge for extra revisions. Details of price and extra revisions are displayed while you are placing the order. Once the final work is approved, we share the source files. In case of write-ups or videos, if the length increases beyond the said limit, then we ask you to pay for the extras, before we begin the work.

We assign a person to talk to and to share inputs with. He/she will have subject matter expertise to clear all your doubts. It will be his/her responsibility to assign tasks to various departments and get it completed within the said time or give the client an update on where the project is currently at. The entire team won’t be disturbed with meetings as they need to complete their work within a deadline.

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