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Are you looking to change your job? Or boost your authority on LinkedIn?

If you are, I will create, write, optimize your LinkedIn page that will help you achieve your goal whether you want to a land a new job, attract potential recruiters/companies, or want to build your reputation/credibility on LinkedIn.

While Linkedin started out as an online resume, it is nowadays a great tool to passively get offers from potential employers, build a professional network as well as a personal brand.

The Linkedin optimization service consists of a document that mirrors your newly optimized Linkedin profile.

What’s included in the order?

  • We’ll proofread the LinkedIn profile and potentially provide feedback.
  • We’ll update their LinkedIn profile in terms of content and formatting after looking into your work history/resume.
  • We’ll have a conversation with you about your goals and requirements. Then, align the LinkedIn profile content with the job description(s) or program requirements.
  • We’ll deliver a customized bio for your LinkedIn Profile, 7 headline options,  8 job descriptions, Selection of custom cover banner images, 50 skills to be added depending on your chosen service.

What our work entails?

  • Research about your industry and current market
  • Research about your company to align aspects like voice, messaging, value proposition
  • Research on external exposure about you to potentially include in the “Featured” section

What we would expect from you?

  • Short Q&A on WhatsApp chat about your requirements
  • An answered survey/brief, if necessary
  • Your updated resume and cover letter, if available
Variation and Quantity


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